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More than a year after Hurricane Maria struck the island the brave American men and women who live in Puerto Rico have not yet fully recovered from the disaster. This website is a tool which we hope will help illuminate their plight, to praise the heroic efforts of individuals and private organizations who have risen to the challenge, to shed a light on the incompetence at every level of government intervention that followed the devastation and to refute their premature and entirely erroneous declaration of a successful conclusion to their woefully inadequate attempts to resolve the situation. We hope that by publicizing the misfortune we can get our fellow Americans in every walk of life involved in helping to rebuild this island paradise.

Nikki, Lyn, Tony and Russ aren’t handy with their hands. We’re plain folks who’ve been blessed with a creative streak. Our role in the relief effort, simply stated, is to keep the public eye focused on the progress of the recovery. In extreme cases of suffering it’s normal for the public to blank out the ongoing pain and suffering that accompanies a prolonged recovery. Puerto Rican recovery is underway, but it’ll take years to complete. We hope to make a difference, not by participating in the physical act of rebuilding homes and communities, but rather by keeping the American public aware of the ongoing needs of the Puerto Rican people during the recovery process. We hope to do this through the use of our technical talents, creative writing and photographic skills.

So what’s the plan? In addition to building and maintaining this website along with other Social Media apps, we’re planning to write two books to elevate awareness of the Puerto Rican Recovery situation in the minds of Mainland America. The first book is a novel comparing the federal government’s response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico to the federal government’s response to Hurricane Florence in North Carolina. Russ has published nine novels so far since retiring in 2000. Search ‘Russell Hatler’ at Amazon.com to check out his creds. He can do this thing. The second book will be a collection of photographs, captions and stories (English as well as Spanish) from six different areas in Puerto Rico, showing before, during and after photos of the natural disaster. Nikki’s no stranger to a Canon DSLR camera and she’s got the lenses to prove it. In order to write the books, we need to do the research. In order to do the research, we need funding. Here’s where you come in.

We hope to raise enough money to research, write, publish and distribute the books and give whatever’s left over to non-profit organizations who are actively involved in helping to rebuild the Puerto Rican infrastructure. We can do this through donations. If you donate $15 or more to the cause, we’ll send you one or more books. You can donate multiple times. Each donation increases the value of the premium you receive. $15-50 in total donations gets a novel. $50-125 gets a soft cover photograph book and a novel. $125+ gets a hard cover photograph book plus the soft cover photo book and the novel. If you want to help go to the GIFT tab on our homepage. Thanks for listening. Let’s get this thing done!

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