Contributing Photos to the Website

The success of this website in raising Mainland awareness of the difficulties that remain in restoring La Isla Del Encanto to its pre-Hurricane Maria glory depends on the dedication and participation of our members. The handful of photos we’ve added to our gallery so far show the destructive impact of Hurricane Maria and the process of Puerto Rican recovery in six different geographical regions. In order for visitors to have a better understanding of how much work remains to be done, it’s important that our members upload, describe and categorize photos of their own.

You must be a registered member to contribute photos to the website. That way we know where the photos came from and, more importantly, if some devious miscreant attempts to anonymously upload lascivious material to the gallery we can better manage the situation. Registering as a member is quick and easy and it doesn’t cost a thing. Go to the Register/Log In tab on the main menu and register. All you really need is your name (a nickname will do) and your email address. Your email address becomes your User ID for the session. Put in your password for future visits and you’re all set.

Once you’ve registered you’re eligible to visit the Member Pages. While you’re there you can update your member profile to include a mailing address for any books you’re eligible to receive (for free!) based on contributions you’ve made to this effort. If you have one or more photos to contribute there’s a tab for that as well. For this you’ll need one or more photographs in .jpg or .jpeg format each of which is smaller than 512KB in size.

Click on the button labeled Upload Pictures. Type in the geographic location of the picture (i.e., San Juan, Hato Rey, Utuado, etc.). Choose a region where the picture was taken. We’ve identified six regions through which Hurricane Maria passed (Fajardo, San Juan and Carolina, El Yunque, Interior, Southeast, Northwest plus Other and All Regions). Pick the region that’s the closest match. Describe the photo in Spanish and English. If you’re good in Spanish and not so good in English or vice versa there are a number of translation apps on the web that do quite a nice job. Choose the location of the photo. Upload the Picture. It’s that simple.

I promise the next blog will be less informative and more entertaining. Now go upload some pics. Cheers!

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