Novel Almost Finished!

Six months ago, my muse (Nikki Bountiful) and I, along with a good friend (the Real Uncle Tony!) who was born and raised and still lives in Puerto Rico, embarked on an ambitious journey. Our shared odyssey had five objectives:
1. To delve into the cultural roots of Puerto Rico portrayed in bona fide historical narratives and viewed through the distorted lens of our own politically incorrect rendering of Caribbean history.
2. To provoke a serious discussion about Hurricanes Maria and Florence and the dissimilar manner in which our Federal Government handled the recovery effort in the aftermath of both storms.
3. To raise public awareness of the ongoing recovery effort by Puerto Ricans, non-profit organizations and the Puerto Rican government through a website containing photographs, videos and rosters of organizations who are currently lending a helping hand. We’ve had over 5,000 visitors so far. Step up and be counted!
4. To educate the general population of American citizens about the very real human consequences of Climate Change, as evidenced by the magnitude of the disaster in Puerto Rico brought about by Hurricane Maria.
5. To write an entertaining novel that incorporates the historical narratives mentioned above interwoven with a lively tale that speaks to the trials and tribulations implicit in growing up in 21st century America. The novel, “Giants” is finished through the first draft. We expect the novel to be published in mid-June. “Giants” will be available in both premium paperback and Kindle formats. Go to and search for books authored by “Russell Hatler.” We welcome all our friends to participate in the celebration of a Puerto Rico well on the road to recovery.

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