Donations to this website will be used to Raise Awareness for Puerto Rican Recovery!

We envision this goal will be accomplished in the following ways

1. We plan to visit Puerto Rico to interview local residents, to solicit photographs and videos from local residents and to take photographs of our own

2. The interviews will be used as background information for the novel “Giants” as well as to provide descriptive information to accompany the photographs and videos

3. Donations will help offset the costs of publishing, printing and shipping the novel as well as the photograph book (both soft and hard cover)

4. Costs of supporting this website will also be offset by donations

5. Donations will also fund Social Media campaigns which will be used to raise public understanding of the enduring plight of the Puerto Rican people

6. 90% of all donations not used for business expenses will be passed through to non-profit organizations who are actively involved in rebuilding Puerto Rico

Finally, you don’t need to be a member to donate but you do need to fill out a donor profile (see Services tab on the menu) so we can keep track of your contributions. If you donate $15 or more to the cause, we’ll send you one or more books. You can donate multiple times. Each donation increases the value of the premium you receive. $15-50 in total donations gets a novel. $50-125 gets a soft cover photograph book and a novel. $125+ gets a hard cover photograph book plus the soft cover photo book and the novel.